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We finally got a chance to film the winner of Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest the other night.  We put the 5 finalists’ names down on plates, lined them up, put treats on them, then swapped them around and let Duchess choose one.

Here’s the Vampire Wife just finishing putting down the treats…

And then here’s the video of Duchess picking the winner!

And a picture of Duchess with the winning entry’s plate…

She doesn’t look very happy – I think maybe she has a crush on Mango.

So congratulations Tucker!  Since you were picked the winner, I’m so glad we decided to re-do the first plate before heading outside.  The Vampire Wife tried to get artsy and the first plate looked like Yucker…

And here’s the winning entry again…

Aaaaaand as a special treat, Duchess wanted to do her bye bye trick for everyone that entered…

But we hope it isn’t bye bye for all you contestants – we hope you stick around and become our blog pals.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Finalists Announced!

Finally the finalists for Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest!  I know we said that there would be three finalists, but there were just too many to choose from, so there are five.  Duchess is going to have a hard time deciding which one to choose!

Darwin makes it in the finals for doing the “goofy Dane ears” while she’s getting washed.

Rumor makes it in for being the most artistic.

Honey makes it to the finals for the most creative bath place!

Mango is a finalist for looking the most pitiful of all the entries.

And Tucker (as a puppy) makes it into the finals for being the most enthusiastic!

We’ll hopefully get the video shot this weekend of Duchess picking her winner.  Everyone keep your paws crossed!

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So I sat down in my trusty recliner (that I’ve had for something like 12 years) to give my dad a call and THWUMP it went. Clearly something was amiss. I tried to carry on somewhat of a conversation as I fiddled with the stupid thing, trying to figure out just what in the world was wrong with it.

Well, I finally figured it out – a bolt had come out and just needed to be put back in. Easy peezy. That is, of course, until Duchess gets involved. She apparently has been taking a trades class at community college and is now an expert in home repair and general fix-it-all-ness. I was not aware.

Here she is “helping” me diagnose the problem.

Duchess says, “Ugh, this dude never listens to me… I told him this brokenness has NOTHING to do with the fact that I like to crawl up in his lap and cuddle.”

Please, please let an old Dorito fall outta this thing…

Well there’s your problem…

Duchess does not have the stamina for home repair it seems…

Daddy’s asleep!  Wake up Daddy, wake up!  The chair monster will chomp your arm off!

“We” finally got it fixed which probably wouldn’t have taken so long if there wasn’t a Great Dane shnoz in my way the whole time.  Not to mention the paws to the face.

Oh, and we received quite a few more entries for Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest today!  Keep sending them in and make sure to put the code in your sidebar so that your entry is valid.  Can’t wait for all the rest of the entries to get here!

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Have you entered yet???

Just a reminder that the deadline is quickly approaching to enter Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest! Have you sent me your entry yet? I’ve only received two very sad, lonely entries. That’s not much of a contest! Click on the graphic below for more information and all the rules!

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Okay everyone – the big announcement is here!  I’m sponsoring Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest where we will judge the best pictures of your doggie getting a bath.  Here are the simple rules:

1.)  Take a picture of your doggie getting cleaned up (or you may already have one).  They can be in the bathtub, outside, in a wading pool, the groomer’s… wherever!

2.) E-mail ONE picture to me at lifewithduchess at hotmail.com by APRIL 26th (I extended the deadline a week since a lot of people are saying that they may not make the deadline) (put the @ symbol in there… keeping it out of this entry for spam reasons).  That gives you plenty of weekends and plenty of opportunities to get dirty doggies.

3.) In the e-mail include your dog’s name, your human’s name, your blog address, and please do not photoshop or alter your pictures.

4.) The three members of the executive council (me, the Vampire Wife, and The Boy) will choose our favorite photo each, then Duchess will choose the winner (yes you read that right).

5.) The winner will receive either a $20 donation made in their name to a rescue or shelter of their choice, or a $20 gift card to Drs. Foster & Smith – whichever they choose.

6.) Place this button on your blog in the sidebar to let everyone know you’re competing!

Here is the code for the graphic that you can just cut and paste into your blog.

<a href=”http://lifewithduchess.com/2010/03/21/duchess-spring-cleaning-contest/”><img src=”https://lifewithduchess.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/dscc.jpg”></a&gt;

That’s it!  Looking forward to receiving all of your entries… now get to e-mailing!

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