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Patti and Reese…

It kinda feels weird typing out “Reese” because everyone always called him Reesey.  Oh, and Patti is actually spelled Patty, but I refuse to type if that way because Patricia shortened to Patty?  I just don’t see it.  It should be Patti.  Therefore, in my blog, my e-mail contacts, my phone, etc. she is labeled as – Patti.

Anyway… you know what we can all spell and agree on?  Grief.

Unfortunately, that’s what our friend Patti is going through right now.  She lost her Reese yesterday – one adorably cute little dachsund mix.  He developed two calcified discs in his back and lost control of his back legs.  They tried steroid shots over the weekend, but he showed no improvement and his condition worsened.

I remember the first time I ever saw Reese.  I was coming out of the vet’s office and she was coming in with him in her arms.  When I left, I texted the Vampire Wife and said “Ohmigoodness!  Patti’s dog is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen – I thought about trying to kidnap him.”

He came over for a couple of playdates with the doggies over the years because we always thought he and the anti-social Oliver would get along great since they’re the same build, roughly the same size, etc.  But nooooo of course Oliver was too good to fraternize with a canine of non-English descent.  Jake on the other hand always had fun playing with him.

Then there was the time he came over for photos with Patti.  Here’s my favorite photo I grabbed from over at my photo blog…

He was not happy about getting his picture made – at. all.

So he pooped on my floor.  Twice.  It’s amazing what goes through the mind of a dachsund when they’re not happy.  Trust me, I grew up with one – they’re a hand full!

Patti – we are so, so sorry for your loss.  Losing a loved one is hard enough, but having to make the decision to let them go can make it even more difficult.  Just know that where Reese is now, his legs are working better than ever and he’s running around like a puppy.  And probably pooping on anyone he doesn’t like.  I’m pretty sure dachsunds still keep their attitude after they’re gone.

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