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And of course The Boy just HAD to go see it… so we reluctantly took him to see it this weekend.  You see, we usually don’t prefer any sort of movie that appeals to the general public.  I’m not really sure why, but we almost always hate any movie that is “the big thing” for that week or month.  The Vampire Wife and I usually go for something more offbeat, dark, or quirky.

For instance, we finally got around to seeing Avatar a month or so ago.  I guess we’re the only two people on the face of the earth that didn’t enjoy it.  Seemed to us like it was an overblown 3 hour cartoon with blue people and glowy stuff.  However, the next night we watched a great little indie movie called Sunshine Cleaning that we felt was a 100 times better than Avatar.  We’re weird I guess.

So you can imagine when The Boy wanted to go see the latest talking dog movie, we were less than thrilled, but we smiled, sucked it up, and went to the superubermegaplex to watch the latest brain rotter to come out.  There we were with every other Bubba in the 6 county area with their kids (none of which understand you shouldn’t kick the seat in front of you – or sound like a cow chewing their cud when you eat your popcorn).

We watched the movie – and it was as bad as we expected – complete with cheesy group choreography at the end *sigh*.  However, The Boy loved it and that’s all that really matters.  He got quite a kick out of it; I think because he could see a little bit of Duchess in Marmaduke’s actions.

The part at the beginning where Marmaduke escapes the bath tub to go on a zoomie episode was pretty funny actually.  Not because of the zoomies, but the reaction of the rest of the family.  Everyone just picked up their drinks and kept reading the paper or doing what they were doing because they knew the zoomies would fly through there and knock things around.

So anyway, I really hope this movie flops and flops hard.  Not because I have any ill-will towards the movie studio, but because I really don’t want another “101 Dalmatians” epidemic on our hands where the shelters and pounds were full of Dalmatians.  People saw the movie, thought to themselves “Awww how cute!” then ran out and bought a puppy or two.  6 months later they had one incredibly hyper and difficult to manage dog on their hands and they wound up giving it up or letting it go.

I’d hate to see this happen with Great Danes.  I think they’re a magnificent breed (and my personal favorite obviously) but they’re not for everyone.  There are already too many that wind up in shelters and rescues as it is.  Hopefully this movie will be bad enough that we won’t see much of an influx… but I have a feeling the puppy mills have been cranking out puppies in anticipation of the movie.  Hopefully I’m wrong.

On a much, much lighter note… we found something special for the dogs today.  Will have to blog about it soon!

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We’ve had our great dane (should that be capitalized?  Who cares – it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want… actually that will drive me crazy and I’ll have to google that later) for about 5 months now or so.  After each day has brought what has seemed to be an unending string of comedic events, accidents, and other things that just make you stop and say, “That just happened?!?!?” I’ve decided that I should start some sort of a blog to keep track of these things.

No one will probably read it, but at least my family will have it here for posterity.  So many things have happened in this short span of time that I kept talking myself out of starting this because I kept thinking there’s absolutely no way anything else interesting will happen.  I would think this after I would look at our aging golden retriever, Jake, just snoozing away on the floor, waking up every couple of hours just to change positions just to go back to sleep again.  However, I just have this feeling that Duchess is going to be full of adventures.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I want to take you back to 1997 when I brought home a little ball of fur that could fit in your pocket named Dottie.  The picture below was taken of her in her prime – somewhere around 2002 I believe, and also when I was just learning how to use my camera.

Dottie was FULL of adventures.  I could dedicate an entire blog site to her shenanigans and things that she put our family through, but I won’t go into those here.  There were about a bazillion emergency vet visits as a result of things she got into (some because she just had that attitude that comes along with a rat terrier, and some inadvertently).  Spider bites, falling off the vet’s exam table to get a concussion, unwrapping about 70 individually wrapped Reese’s peanut butter cups and eating them all, purposefully pooping on the people she loved most as some bizarre initiation ritual known only to rat terriers… it was quite an eventful life she had.

We weren’t supposed to be able to have children, and she filled that void in our household for a long, long time.  She was our first baby, and we loved her so.  Unfortunately a little over a year ago (I think) she had reached that point where she was no longer living a full and meaningful life.  It’s that point that all pet owners dread from the moment they pick up their new companion and experience the joy of puppy breath.

She was grey, feeble, blind, in pain, and lost all sense of what’s going on around her.  We just couldn’t stand to see her live like that any longer.  So we made the excruciating decision to put her down.  Even though we knew it was the best thing to do, it felt like leading our own child to be slaughtered.

After watching Jake (the golden mentioned above – were you paying attention?) start to deteriorate over a few months, the decision was made to begin the search for another puppy.  (Oh, we also have a corgi named Oliver, but he probably won’t be mentioned much because he’s quite anti-social – refusing to partake in any type of puppy activities or behaviors… he’s a little… off.)

After researching for many, many months it was decided that we needed a great dane.  That seems reasonable right?  A small house with two dogs, a 6 year old boy, and two adults really needs a small pony living inside with them don’t they?  It’s quite obvious we’re insane and lack reasoning skills.

Anyway, there’s a little background.  I’ll try to recount some events that have taken place over the last few months as well as chronicle things that are currently happening.  We’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and to give you a little visual, here are all the dogs in our star-studded cast.

Jake the golden

Oliver the anti-social pembroke welsh corgi (don’t let the cuteness fool you, he’s certifiably looney tunes)

And the star of our show… Duchess the Great Dane (one of her puppy pics… she’s ginormous now)

I hope people actually read and follow this – it will keep me motivated to keep it updated.

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