I was just looking at photos and realized I left something out of the last post about the Marmaduke movie.  Do you remember waaaaaaaay back in one of my first entries how Jake had a jealousy outburst since I was starting the blog for Duchess and he ate a hole in the carpet?

Well, since he figures we all left to go see a movie about Great Danes, he’d decide to have another go at it, being the passive-aggressive Golden Retriever that he is.  This time, the trash can was the victim.  We walked in the door to this little mess… and Jake sitting right there telling on himself.  He quickly went and put himself in time-out.

As you can see, he didn’t knock the can over, just dug around in it and pulled out some treasures, shredded some napkins and whatnot.  Just something to let us know he wasn’t happy.

The blue thing by the trash can in the pic above?  That’s a Marmaduke advertisement that came in The Boy’s high-fat, super-high-calorie- really-really-really-bad-for-you fast food meal.  Coincidence?  I think not.

At least it wasn’t the carpet this time.


And of course The Boy just HAD to go see it… so we reluctantly took him to see it this weekend.  You see, we usually don’t prefer any sort of movie that appeals to the general public.  I’m not really sure why, but we almost always hate any movie that is “the big thing” for that week or month.  The Vampire Wife and I usually go for something more offbeat, dark, or quirky.

For instance, we finally got around to seeing Avatar a month or so ago.  I guess we’re the only two people on the face of the earth that didn’t enjoy it.  Seemed to us like it was an overblown 3 hour cartoon with blue people and glowy stuff.  However, the next night we watched a great little indie movie called Sunshine Cleaning that we felt was a 100 times better than Avatar.  We’re weird I guess.

So you can imagine when The Boy wanted to go see the latest talking dog movie, we were less than thrilled, but we smiled, sucked it up, and went to the superubermegaplex to watch the latest brain rotter to come out.  There we were with every other Bubba in the 6 county area with their kids (none of which understand you shouldn’t kick the seat in front of you – or sound like a cow chewing their cud when you eat your popcorn).

We watched the movie – and it was as bad as we expected – complete with cheesy group choreography at the end *sigh*.  However, The Boy loved it and that’s all that really matters.  He got quite a kick out of it; I think because he could see a little bit of Duchess in Marmaduke’s actions.

The part at the beginning where Marmaduke escapes the bath tub to go on a zoomie episode was pretty funny actually.  Not because of the zoomies, but the reaction of the rest of the family.  Everyone just picked up their drinks and kept reading the paper or doing what they were doing because they knew the zoomies would fly through there and knock things around.

So anyway, I really hope this movie flops and flops hard.  Not because I have any ill-will towards the movie studio, but because I really don’t want another “101 Dalmatians” epidemic on our hands where the shelters and pounds were full of Dalmatians.  People saw the movie, thought to themselves “Awww how cute!” then ran out and bought a puppy or two.  6 months later they had one incredibly hyper and difficult to manage dog on their hands and they wound up giving it up or letting it go.

I’d hate to see this happen with Great Danes.  I think they’re a magnificent breed (and my personal favorite obviously) but they’re not for everyone.  There are already too many that wind up in shelters and rescues as it is.  Hopefully this movie will be bad enough that we won’t see much of an influx… but I have a feeling the puppy mills have been cranking out puppies in anticipation of the movie.  Hopefully I’m wrong.

On a much, much lighter note… we found something special for the dogs today.  Will have to blog about it soon!

We finally got a chance to film the winner of Duchess’ Spring Cleaning Contest the other night.  We put the 5 finalists’ names down on plates, lined them up, put treats on them, then swapped them around and let Duchess choose one.

Here’s the Vampire Wife just finishing putting down the treats…

And then here’s the video of Duchess picking the winner!

And a picture of Duchess with the winning entry’s plate…

She doesn’t look very happy – I think maybe she has a crush on Mango.

So congratulations Tucker!  Since you were picked the winner, I’m so glad we decided to re-do the first plate before heading outside.  The Vampire Wife tried to get artsy and the first plate looked like Yucker…

And here’s the winning entry again…

Aaaaaand as a special treat, Duchess wanted to do her bye bye trick for everyone that entered…

But we hope it isn’t bye bye for all you contestants – we hope you stick around and become our blog pals.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Duchess is feeling better, so I’m sure we’ll get to film the winner tonight!

On another note though, I’d like your opinion on this news story in a neighboring town about a K-9 officer striking his dog with a leash.  The officer’s defense is that the dog was showing its teeth and acting aggressive towards him.  Sorry I can’t embed the video here, you’ll have to visit the link to see it.

What are your thoughts on this?  I haven’t trained a police dog so I’m not familiar with their methods.

Had on our schedule for tonight to film Duchess picking the contest winner, but she’s been throwing up for some reason, so I won’t be letting her eat anything until this subsides.  If she’s back to normal tomorrow, we’ll pick the winner then.

So instead, here’s a picture of her on the floor wishing she hadn’t eaten those convenience store burritos (or whatever it is that has her puking).

Let’s hope she gets better soon.

And has decided that she still doesn’t like water.  Or at least she doesn’t like the rain. (See yesterday’s videos if you haven’t.)

I guess it’s acceptable to play in a sprinkler when the mood strikes her, but if it’s time to go outside to do her bidness, then she still requires it to be dry.  I put a couple chickens on the smoker this afternoon and we played in the yard all day, then after dinner a little thunderstorm moved through.

Of course, that was right about the time Duchess decided it was time to go out.  She kept going to the back door and waiting, so I’d take her out.  She’d then do a potty dance all over the patio, testing each side to see if it was raining on each side of the patio.  She’d eventually give up, go back inside, then we’d do this all over again.  I finally got tired of it and decided to grab the camera and resort to some trickery.

It worked!  I think she’s still mad though because she’s sitting across the room staring holes in my head right now.  Oh wait, it’s her dinner time… that’s what the laser eyes are all about.  Off to feed the water-sensitive diva!

After a year of trying to get her used to water, fighting baths, etc., she has finally decided that water is okay after all.  I even posted on a Dane forum when she was little about her fear of water, and have been armed with quite an arsenal of tricks to lure her into bathtime… but it appears those might not be needed anymore.

I mowed and did yardwork today then we decided to just spend the rest of the day enjoying the beautiful weather.  I have a corner of the yard where nothing grows, so I put the water hose out there on a slow soak to get it nice and saturated.  Of course, that’s when Duchess decided to show off for me.  You see, I’m a huge baseball fan and she watches every game with me.  This is her imitation of sliding into home plate for the winning run…

And the buttprint she left in the yard as she slid on her booty into the fence…

So hey, if we’re all muddy, then we might as well go for the gusto right?  After just a little bit of prodding, she turned into a full-on one dog sprinkler head ninja dog.  Here’s a video…

I can’t believe that’s the same dog that has to be lured into the tub or shower with peanut butter!

The Boy decided it was time to play with the Slip N Slide, so we broke that out… Duchess enjoyed that as well.

Duchess made a game out of it later.  She would stand in the shade (like the amazingly smart girl that she is) and wait on The Boy to get there so she could try to block him…

And then here’s a video of Duchess when she finally perfected her blocking technique…

We had such a great day… just laughing at the two of them.  I’ve had a lot of dogs in my lifetime, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that I’ve laughed at more than Duchess.

Well, I have some skirt steak on the smoker, and it’s not cooperating, so I better go tend to it before I ruin our meal.  We’ll film the winners of the contest tomorrow hopefully… if I can keep Duchess out of the mud!