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Star of the class…

Well, at least I think she is.  The star of the obedience class that is.  Then again, I’m usually too occupied with wiping her drool to pay attention to what the other dogs are doing.  Here we are in the truck on the way to school.  Don’t let the cute face fool you – it’s a ploy to try and work her way into the front seat.

We braved the winter weather this week to make the hour drive to go to the 2nd week of household manners class, and if I might say, Duchess did spectacular.  It’s really nothing special I don’t think – it’s just a fact of biology as far as I’m concerned.  I mean, she’s a Great Dane.  Her brain is the size of the entire body of a lot of dogs!

We got there a little early so we made a run through Petsmart to see if there was anything Duchess found to her liking.  Of course, she’s “above” letting anyone know that she would accept anything from a run-of-the-mill mega store.  As you can see in this picture, she turned her nose up at everything she saw.

So then it was off to the in-laws’ house for a quick dinner and potty break before class.  However, Duchess absolutely REFUSES to use the bathroom in their backyard.  Their neighborhood is full of insecure, anxious dogs in backyards that bark non-stop when you go outside.  She finds this to be very off putting when trying to find the perfect spot to do her bidness.  *sigh*  Such a diva.

So with crossed fingers, hoping that she didn’t drop 3 gallons of pee at the training facility, we went off to class.  We worked on some heeling while walking in an oval.

In between rounds of walking, Duchess gets bored.  Her mind starts to wander and here she’s wishing she could get back to Mommy and Mimi so she can drool on their dress clothes (there’s a giant pile of clothes ready to be taken to the cleaners now).

Sorry the pics aren’t of great quality.  It’s really dark in there and this little point and shoot camera doesn’t have the 1.21 jiggawatts of flash needed to light this far out.

She did really well at the walking and heeling, but that’s the way we’ve trained her from day one.  We don’t need a 100+ pound dog that doesn’t know how to walk on a leash politely.  Unless of course we were racing in the Iditarod or something… then I guess that might come in handy.

We also worked on down and stay, which she’s solid at because in order to get her meals (3 times a day) she has to go into a down/stay while we prepare her food and wait for release before she can eat.

Recall (getting the dog to come to you when called) was next, which she did fine at also.  This part she can be a little dodgy on at the house depending on what she’s interested in outside – a stick, pecan, apricot pit, piece of trash, discarded nuclear waste, etc.  We’re working on this.

The only problem we have at class is that Duchess turns into the BIGGEST chicken!  She’s a lot better now and has shown great improvement thankfully.  She no longer tries to hide under your chair (that’s quite a site to see a Great Dane trying to back under a folding chair) or hide behind you, but she has a little bit of an issue that is still lingering.

Drool.  Lots and lots of drool.  It’s a nervous habit that she has (and thank goodness this only happens at class) and I learned early on to put a handkerchief in my back pocket when we attend.  I’ll be paying attention to the teacher, listening to what she’s telling us to do, then look down to find these foot long strings of slime hanging from Duchess’ jowls.

This is me putting the handkerchief back in my pocket while Duchess looks at her mommy with a face that says, “I’m sorry.  I know it’s really, really gross.  I can’t help it.”

I tried to get a picture of the Ever-flowing Fountain of Goo, but every time I’d get a chance, she’d sling her ropes of glop onto some unsuspecting onlooker (or herself).  However, one tiny leftover bit found its way on to my wife’s knee.  These are some of the pants in the pile to go to the cleaners.

Yeah, have I mentioned before you have to have a really, really good sense of humor if you are a Great Dane owner?  A lot of wives would’ve squealed and jumped around like Paris Hilton after finding out she was being served tap water.  Luckily, I’ve got a wife that finds this disgusting freako nervous habit just as funny as I do.

At least she thinks it’s funny for now.  Duchess is only 8 months old after all.

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