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Sorry it’s been a while.  We were on vacation for a week, then The Boy went to be with the grandparents for a week, so our routine got a little wonky for a bit.

While The Boy was gone, The Smallish Boy whose grandparents live across the street came over to visit us one night.  I gave him a big block of chocolate (from what I understand, he’d never had chocolate before, so of course I had to oblige) and let him play with the dogs.

Notice that Oliver the Anti-Social is nowhere to be found.  Freak.

In this photo, Duchess seems to be saying, “Dude… you can’t handle your chocolate very well.  If you don’t calm down Imma gone have to put the smack down on you.”

Which ended with her then making good on her threat.

The highlight of the visit was when we got busy talking and didn’t notice that The Smallish Boy had climbed on Jake’s back saddle-style while Jake was laying on the ground.  I looked up just in time for Jake to take off like a bucking bronco.  The Smallish Boy flew through the air and bounced off some various objects like a ping pong ball.  It was quite entertaining.  He thought it was pretty funny too, thank goodness.

Oh and speaking of Jake, he seems to be almost completely healed and has finished his last round of antibiotics.  Now we just have to keep an eye on it to make sure no infection comes back.  I hope he’s out of the woods now though.

Next time The Smallish Boy comes over though, I think I’ll feed him about a pound of chocolate, put a helmet on him and wrap him in bubble wrap, then pump Jake full of his opiates.  Only this time I’m gonna have the video camera rolling.

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