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Oliver is a Johnny Cash fan…

Or so it seems.  We took this picture today mainly for facebook and twitter for Johnny Cash’s birthday, but since Oliver the Anti-Social corgi insisted on posing in the picture I figure I’d better blog about it.  He usually doesn’t want anything to do with situations like this and almost always turns his head away if you point a camera at him.

This time was exactly the opposite.  I was messing around with the camera and noticed that he had hopped right in there and was posing beautifully.  He was even smiling.  I guess since he is mostly black that he felt like it was appropriate to set his neurosis aside for a brief moment to honor the Man in Black.

It didn’t last long though.  We’re now in the living room and Oliver’s off hiding behind a recliner or end table somewhere.  I guess I know what to do now when we need a good picture of him at least.  Hmmm, wonder if we should rent “Walk the Line” tonight for him?

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