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Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve followed my Twitter over the last week or so (it’s located in the upper right corner of the web page… if you’re not a follower, sign up and follow – Twitter’s a lot of fun) then you know that Duchess has been wanting a Great Dane brother.  She figured that if she buttered mommy up with a Valentine’s Day card, then it might give her some leverage.

I begrudgingly went and bought a card for her to give on Valentine’s Day.  Do you know how hard it is to find a card from a dog?  I knew if I wanted to keep all my socks and furniture in tact, then I better not return home without one though.  I finally found one and we spent the lunch hour the other day “signing” the card.

We moved to the utility room where there’s no carpet armed with the card, ink pad, and some puppy wipes.  I had visions of getting the ink on her and her deciding all of a sudden that there was something really interesting on the bed that she needed to investigate and zooming off through the house.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen.  Any thoughts of a brother, or her remaining in our house for that matter, would’ve been shot out the window.

This is where obedience training really comes in handy.  I put her in a sit/stay and went to inking up her paw.

And then she “signed” the card.  She’s trying to sign it with kisses though as you can see… it’s just her aim was a little off.

And then a quick clean-up with the wipes and we’re done!

The finished product.

Let’s hope her mommy is happy with the effort!  However, I seriously doubt Duchess has made any headway towards getting a Dane brother in the future after having her tummy episode yesterday.

We had a bake sale at work on Friday to raise money for the American Cancer Society and a co-worker made some homemade dog treats for the sale.  I bought a package for each of the dogs… Duchess won’t get hers until her explodabutt and Miss Pukesalot episode is over.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone – be sure you hug your dogs today!

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