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Nothing big going on today, except for a change in the weather.  It’s the first day that the weather’s been nice in a long time, so we took advantage of it and went for a quick walk around the neighborhood.  We actually got down the street a ways when we realized we’d forgotten the camera so Duchess and I bolted back to the house.

It’s really the first time we’ve ran together with a leash (not supposed to jog with a Dane until they’re about 2 years old due to the growth plates not being finished yet), but it was just a short ways so it wasn’t a big deal.  It was pretty funny to watch her though.  The vampire wife said she looked like a rabbit/horse the way she was loping and bounding down the street.

Once we got the camera, we headed back out.

And no, Duchess did not poop out a newspaper the way it appears in this picture.

Then headed down the street.  Notice Jake is walking in the gutter.  That’s his designated spot to walk and he’s quite OCD about it.  I actually think the real reason behind it is that his footpads are extremely soft and sensitive so asphalt hurts him.  One time when he was a lot younger, his pads actually came completely off one morning when we were jogging.  I didn’t notice it until we got back to the house and bloody paw prints were all over the driveway as we headed to the door.  Talk about feeling THIS small.  I felt so bad for him.  So, now we just let him walk in the gutter just in case the theory is correct.

The old man leading the way.  He’s also OCD about having to be out in front of the other dogs.  That has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that he has a big ego.

Stopping for a quick break in the sunset.  Hard to believe he’s getting this old… he’s mostly white now.  I was watching him walk while I was behind him on the last bit of the walk and he has hardly any motion in his back hips anymore.  He basically swings them around to move the rear legs up in his stride.  It’s one of those heartbreaking moments in dog ownership that can really put a lump in your throat.

And rounding the corner heading home.  I can’t believe I went back for the camera and absolutely nothing interesting happened on the walk.  We did run into one guy with a tiny little dog, but he quickly jumped to the other side of the street and wanted nothing to do with us, so no photo ops there.

As we got back to the house, our good friend and neighbor Tilman pulled into his driveway and he came out to visit.  He’s one of the coolest guys we’ve ever met.  He stated, “Just look at that menagerie!”  He’s pretty sure that we’re insane for having this many dogs.  He’s always good to love on them though – even if they do “slime” him as he calls it.

Sorry for the blurry pic – it was getting dark and the camera couldn’t quite keep up with the motion anymore. Not to mention Duchess likes to spaz out when she sees him which sort of multiplies the whole “blurry” issue.

Then back across the street to the house. Notice the good dog sitting perfectly still, paying attention, and not being held on the leash while the other goobers aren’t?

Sorry if that wasn’t the most entertaining of posts.  However, I guess that’s a good thing to point out – that owning a pack of dogs isn’t always entertaining.  Sometimes it’s just doing the boring old basics, like exercising them regularly.  Walking as a pack is a natural thing for dogs (even if you just have one dog, they still see you as being part of their pack) and does so much for them, not just physically but mentally as well.

So if you live around here and own a dog… break out that leash if you haven’t used it in a while and enjoy this week of warmer weather!

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