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The other night our friends from across the street came over to visit for a little bit.  They have a friendly little cat… well, I guess I should clarify.  By “having a cat” I actually mean that there is a cat that uses their house as a place to crash and get fed.  Anyway, he’s a beautiful solid grey and his fur is super soft.  I think he’s half chinchilla.

He is aptly named “Grey Kitty”.  If I’m not mistaken, their previous cat was simply named… “Kitty”.  Maybe in rebellion of the lackluster effort to name their cats I’ll start calling Grey Kitty some very long and complicated name when I see him – like Sir Tom Willery Von Shaughnessy.  Yes, I think that shall do quite nicely.

So the other night our friends walked over and Sir Tom Willery Von Shaughnessy was right behind them.  Now keep in mind none of my dogs have been around cats.  As a matter of fact, I’m not certain that they’ve ever seen one except for the one time Jake busted out the back door because Sir Tom Willery Von Shaughnessy was lounging on the back porch.  There was lots of hissing and spitting and chaos, but I think that’s all the exposure that any of our dogs have had.  Duchess has had zero contact… until that night.

Our friends came in and Sir Tom Willery Von Shaughnessy stayed a few steps back when he saw the platoon of dogs awaiting his arrival at the front door.  They came in and sat down, but as we were trying to visit, Duchess just wasn’t going to let go of the fact that there was a strange, furry, half chinchilla cat peering through the door at her.

There was a lot of huge barking going on, but by the time I got the camera Duchess had lowered the Kitty Terrorist alert down to orange from red.

You can hear my friend laughing in the background about how Duchess is making sure to stay behind me because she’s such a big chicken.  I think Sir Tom Willery Von Shaughnessy would probably whoop her behind up one side and down the other because she’s so afraid of everything and not even get a bit of slobber on his super soft chinchilla fur.

Also, speaking of kitties.  My dogblog friend Tucker lost their 17 year old cat today.  Please make sure to click that link and drop in there to offer your condolences.

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