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And it snowed. In Texas. Crazy, crazy stuff. I don’t ever remember a year that it’s snowed this much here.

Wow, I just realized I’m sounding like an old guy sitting in his rocking chair next to a wood burning stove; whittling away on his new walking stick, glancing at you over his spectacles after producing a nice “ping” in his brass spittoon. Well, maybe that’s not too far from what I’m actually like – did ya ever think of that? But before I start breaking out my Farmer’s Almanac and spinning yarns about snow storms of years gone by, I’ll move on…

I planned on building a new strawberry bed today, but thanks to the weather, that didn’t happen. What I DID do outside today was help find Duchess a spot to poop in. Yes, that’s how sad my life is – the highlight of my day is finding a spot for the dog to do her bidness. Aaah the joys of being a responsible thirtysomething.

Duchess really does have “issues” when it snows though.  She’s extremely particular about where she goes and when there’s a blanket of snow down it completely bamboozles her.  This morning she went on a zoomie episode, stopping every so often to stick her nose in the snow.

I think this is the doggie version of the toddler pee pee dance.  You know the pee pee dance, right?  The one kids do when they reeeeeally have to go but they either a.) don’t want to stop what they’re doing or b.) someone’s in the bathroom and better get out quickly.

The cold obviously has no effect on her.  The other two dogs, which are the ones with all the thick fur and undercoats making them quite capable of neighboring up with one of those pompous penguins, (yes penguins are pompous – just look at those smug faces and self-righteous attitudes) go right outside, do their bidness in about 2 seconds and are right back at the door begging to come inside.  Then again, those two dogs are boys and boys care not about where they go.

So that’s been about it today.  ABC Family has a Harry Potter marathon on today so Duchess spent the morning in my recliner with me… but The Boy has now turned it off to play that noisy Wii.

Oooh there IS some exciting news on the horizon though.  I’m not going to spill all the beans yet… instead just a quick graphic.

Make sure to stay tuned for details!!!

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